Anti-COVID-19 material for 3D printing

Although the covid restrictions are on the wane, the disease itself is still with us and still causes many problems. Fortunately, the number of those infected continues to fall every day (???), but authorities still advise caution. That's why a group of researchers from Hong Kong Polytechnic University has created a new antiviral material for 3D printing, which reportedly kills not only common bacteria and viruses, but also the more resistant COVID-19.

The main element of the development is a resin to which special antiviral agents have been added, such as cationic compounds that can damage the virus' membrane and destroy its structure, killing everything around it. The guys have already made overlays for door handles and elevator buttons, which will certainly help reduce bacterial and viral activity in public places.

By the way, since all the disinfectant components are inside the products and not applied to their surface, daily cleaning, such as wiping with alcohol, will not damage them in any way. According to scientists, their new material is capable of killing 70% of COVID-19 for 2 minutes, 90% of viruses within 10 minutes, and virtually all bacteria and viruses on the surface within 20 minutes. Sounds delightful to me.

In addition, a year of testing showed that the printed trash can pen was still in good condition and neither COVID-19 nor E. coli or Staphylococcus aureus could retain on its surface. It has been calculated that the material's effectiveness declines after only 3 years of continuous use.

The researchers have applied for a patent and plan to use their development commercially. The guys hope to use the material in medical institutions, elementary and secondary schools, and public transportation systems.
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